Posted 15 September 2015

Re launch for 2015

We will be posting news of a new programme for secondary schools shortly – in the meantime here’s the intro to the new workshop….



An Arts based workshop for KS3 and 4 – 2015

Belonging Identity Diversity

We all have individual and collective identities

with different influences and aspirations.

Do we have to choose?

Posted 30 May 2012

We’ve been away !

Apologies to anyone trying to access the website in the last few days – we had technical problems. Not our speciality – we have other qualities!

Posted 7 September 2011

OurSpace on Youtube !!

Wasn’t the best weather we’ve had this year but 3 schools from Keighley became our first film stars when we had a short film made..

find us on youtube

Posted 7 September 2011

Best time of my life!

A wonderful article written by the Yorkshire Dales millenium trust  whose fabulous team lead our walkers came from a child who said to our journalist

‘I want to stay here for ever – it’s the best time of my life’.

Posted 7 September 2011

Great walkers of summer 2011!

We had some very different weather to get out into particularly around Halton Gill this summer – we saw the Gill almost dry and running like an aspiring river!

But we got out – whatever the weather with brilliant spirits and some great encouragement amongst the children for those who found the first hill a challenge (particularly the staff!)

Posted 16 November 2010

Jamie Oliver drops in

Children from St Philip’s Primary, Nelson and Christchurch Colne, were in for a treat when Jamie Oliver paid them a surprise visit.  As luck would have it they were up to their elbows in flour and spices, preparing the evening meal.  Jamie wondered if they had any tips for making a good curry!

Posted 5 November 2010

Teeshirt Bonanza

Graffiti teeshirts hit the spot!  Kirsten, from Holy Trinity, Darwen summed up the Project well with her, ‘Happy to be Me!’ logo and pictures of her new found friends, Anisha and Izna.